Review: Reliance 4G Wi-Pod

I have been a loyal Reliance customer since 2010, that’s when I bought Reliance NetConnect+ and I have been hooked to Reliance’s wireless internet service ever since. I upgraded from Reliance NetConnect+ to Reliance Pro 3 then finally to Reliance 4G Wi-Pod. Unfortunately this positive alliance came to an abrupt end after I upgraded to Reliance 4G Wi-Pod, read on to know why. Continue reading “Review: Reliance 4G Wi-Pod”

Windows: Xolo Win Q1000 Is Eligible For Windows 10 Upgrade

Update August 2016: Windows Phone 10 update was released around March 2016 but Xolo Win Q1000 hasn’t yet received the Windows 10 update, the Upgrade Advisor still shows the same message “device is eligible” but it’s just another of Microsoft’s goof ups, even checked the Phone Update option in Settings it shows the device is up to date, so it’s safe to conclude Xolo Win Q1000 will not be getting the Windows 10 upgrade. Continue reading “Windows: Xolo Win Q1000 Is Eligible For Windows 10 Upgrade”