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All posts by Raju Menon

Microsoft Seriously?

Microsoft has always been infamous for providing an operating system with bugs but after 3 decades I expected them to get at least few of the basics right,…

How To Block Video Ads In Safari Using Firefox Focus

I have never been bothered by advertisement on websites unless the advertisement had ┬ácertain Bollywood male actor’s face on it in which case it would irritate the hell out of me but otherwise I support advertisements but…

A Tribute To Reliance Pro 3

At the time of writing this, there is lot of chatter around Reliance Jio but there is an unsung hero from Reliance which died with the birth of Reliance Jio and on Reliance’s switch from CDMA to GSM network and I would like to pay my respect to this hero….

Reliance 4G Wi-Pod Review

I have been a loyal Reliance customer since 2010, that’s when I bought Reliance NetConnect+ and I have been hooked to Reliance’s wireless internet service ever since….

Best of YouTube – The D in David

Funny animation based on the statue of David….

Best of YouTube – Good Morning Mumbai!

A short animation on the Mumbai slum life where even some of the basic necessities are denied and it’s effects….

Xolo Win Q1000 Is Eligible For Windows 10 Upgrade

Update August 2016: Windows Phone 10 update was released around March 2016 but Xolo Win Q1000 hasn’t yet received the Windows 10 update,…

Best of YouTube – Good Friends vs Best Friends

Must Watch! Really Funny!…

Best of Apps & Games: Racing In Car

If you are looking for a good car driving simulator then Racing In Car is the game for you….

Best of YouTube – 36 Questions (BuzzFeed) Women Have For Men

Buzzfeed made a video of women asking 36 questions to men and this guy has taken on himself to respond to those questions….