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Best of Apps & Games: Lumosity

Brain Shift
Brain Shift (Flexibility)

Lumosity is a game aimed at improving memory and attention. There are a total of 11 puzzles available on the iPad at the time of writing this article but more puzzles are added every few months. Each puzzle is beautifully designed and is very easy to use. The puzzles are fun and are challenging and remain challenging no matter how many times they are played.

The free version only allows 3 different games to be played per day, rest of the games are locked, each day 3 different games get unlocked and there is no limit to how many times each game can be played.

Game Overview
Overview of games in Lumosity. Only 3 different games are unlocked each day in free version.



Speed Match
Speed Match (Information Processing)



Ebb and Flow
Ebb and Flow (Flexibility)
Brain Shift
Brain Shift (Flexibility)
Pinball Recall
Pinball Recall (Memory)
Memory Matrix
Memory Matrix (Memory)
Color Match
Color Match (Flexibility)
Lost In Migration
Lost In Migration (Attention)
Speed Pack
Speed Pack (Speed)
Spatial Speed Match
Spatial Speed Match (Spatial Recognition)
Raindrops (Problem Solving)