iOS: How To Download Missing Songs From iTunes

iTunes was launched in India around December, 2012. iTunes is hands down the best source to legally download music and get access to music from all around the world.

However, there are times when iTunes doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to like when you buy an album but you notice that some songs are missing, this usually happens to me on my iPad, if I purchase couple of albums simultaneously, iTunes automatically starts downloading the purchased albums but instead of downloading one song at a time, iTunes simultaneously downloads multiple songs and this is most often the cause for the missing songs.

To download the missing songs:-
– Open the iTunes App on iOS Device
– Go to Purchased Tab
– On the left-side pane, select the name of the Artist
– After selecting the artist name, the right-side pane will display all songs from that artist. The songs that weren’t downloaded will display this image iTunes Download Icon
– As a precaution just download one song at a time.

Another common issue when trying to download missing songs is getting an error message showing that the song couldn’t be downloaded. This usually is some server issue and the only solution is to try downloading the song after couple of hours.

iTunes Purchased Tab
The Purchased Tab shows songs that aren’t downloaded yet with a Cloud Icon.