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Best of YouTube – SnG: How Bollywood Awards Are Given

Funny but accurate take on Bollywood Film Awards….

Best of YouTube – Peter Dinklage: Face Your Food

A disturbing insight on how animals are treated in animal farms….

Best of YouTube – Departing Space Station Commander Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory

A nice insight on living in space station with zero gravity by Sunita Williams….

Best of YouTube – How To Wear The Glorious Mundu

Funny take on the South Indian Mundu….

Best of YouTube – Thrissur Slang

Funny Thrissur Slang….

Best of YouTube – Ramesh Pisharady Superb Comedy Perfomance 2013 _Malayalam

Really funny show by Ramesh Pisharady only till the Jurassic Park part….

Best of YouTube – Jayaraj Warrier Comedy Show about Thrissur Slang

A humorous take on Thrissur slang….

Best of Music – Finally Woken

The album Finally Woken was released in 2004. I had watched the music video of “They”…

Best of YouTube – Life Lessons you can learn from Stray Dogs

There are lot of stray dogs in my area and whenever I see them I do feel sorry for them,…

Best of YouTube – Dubsmash Malayalam By Annabel

A very cute girl trying to do Malayalam dubsmash….