Review: Intex Ultralounge 2 in 1 Chair Air Sofa with Ottoman


The Intex Lounge Chair with Ottoman is a great product which is very competitively priced but fails miserably when it comes to durability, you would be lucky if the chair and ottoman lasted even 3 months. If you are still interested in purchasing it then read my review.

The Intex Lounge Chair is my first purchase of this kind, I wasn’t sure what to expect of it, when I first sat on it I felt like I should buy few more of this ‐ one for sleeping at night, one for working on the computer and one for the balcony because this lounge chair is just that comfortable. I was very happy with this purchase ‐ “money well spent” I thought, but then the issues started cropping up.

Problem 1: Ottoman Deflates

From the first month itself the ottoman would continuously deflate and I had to inflate it at least once in every two weeks.

Problem 2: Structure Collapse of Lounge Chair

All inflatable products have a inbuilt structure which helps the product to take the desired shape when inflated. In the second month, when I was sitting on the chair there was a slight breaking like sound and the next thing I know is the chair is very weird to sit on, the front part of the chair was bigger and the middle part where I rest my uhmm…. (behind) appeared to sink in. But it was still okay to relax on, not as comfortable as it was earlier but I could manage.

Problem 3: Lounge Chair Deflates

In the third month, I noticed that the lounge chair was deflating, since it had been a few weeks since I inflated the chair I felt that it was normal and inflated the chair, the next day the chair was half it’s size and I realized that there must be some major air leak. Now with the air leaking and the structure collapse the chair is completely unusable. I have deflated it and tucked it away where I’ll never have to see it again.

So this was my experience with the Intex Lounge Chair With Ottoman. Don’t be fooled by all the positive reviews that customers leave on online shopping websites, it’s probably the first impression of buyers and not from the long term users, you’ll find the negative reviews from the long terms users for sure. Just after I got the chair, I too went on the website from which I purchased the product and added a very positive review. So buy this only with lowered expectations. What really makes it difficult for me to write a bad review about the Intex Lounge Chair is the fact that it’s a well-designed, ergonomic and comfortable chair with only one major flaw which happens to be that it’s not durable.