Review: Cooler Master Storm QuickFire TK Compact (Cherry MX Red Switch)

This is a review of CM Storm QuickFire TK Compact keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switches. The CM Storm is a Mechanical Keyboard if you don’t know what Mechanical Keyboards are then check this article. The CM Storm QuickFire is meant for gamers, since I don’t play any games I won’t be able to review the gaming performance of this keyboard, this review is going to be focused primarily on using this keyboard for work. Continue reading “Review: Cooler Master Storm QuickFire TK Compact (Cherry MX Red Switch)”

Blog: Mechanical Keyboards

When it comes to buying a desktop computer, people normally focus on the Motherboard features, Processor power, the LCD size and resolution, Hard Drive space, RAM and the Cabinet Design, the one area people don’t care too much about is the Keyboard & Mouse, which is strange considering that these 2 peripherals are always in contact with our hands when we operate a computer. Usually people are generous in spending money on the internal components of a computer but when it comes to the keyboard & mouse most people cheap out.
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