Blog: Logitech Z623 Subwoofer Not Working

My beloved Logitech Z623 wasn’t working properly recently, the satellite speakers worked fine but the subwoofer wouldn’t output anything, it would output some bass sometimes for few seconds then it would go mute. I outright expected the worst and was disappointed that just after 2 years of buying them they stopped working, one of the main reasons why I choose Logitech Z623 over Hi-Fi Music Systems was the belief that these basic speaker system will be much more durable than the Hi-Fi systems which have in-built amplifiers, cassette player, cd player, displays, etc. The way I saw it was that Hi-Fi systems had too many components that could malfunction after a period of time whereas in a 2.1 speaker system there is probably only a single electrical board and then speakers which clearly are much more durable. Continue reading “Blog: Logitech Z623 Subwoofer Not Working”

Blog: Embrace, Extend and Extinguish

For those of you who haven’t heard this phrase it’s the infamous strategy which Microsoft regularly adopts to deal with competition. Microsoft uses this strategy to make sure that it’s products work best only on the Windows platform, for example if you’re using Microsoft’s Cloud based Word Document, the document will work perfectly with all features only on Internet Explorer browser on other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, Microsoft would create some deliberate compatibility issue so that the document doesn’t render properly which will force the user to use Internet Explorer browser at least when accessing Microsoft products. Continue reading “Blog: Embrace, Extend and Extinguish”

Blog: Mechanical Keyboards

When it comes to buying a desktop computer, people normally focus on the Motherboard features, Processor power, the LCD size and resolution, Hard Drive space, RAM and the Cabinet Design, the one area people don’t care too much about is the Keyboard & Mouse, which is strange considering that these 2 peripherals are always in contact with our hands when we operate a computer. Usually people are generous in spending money on the internal components of a computer but when it comes to the keyboard & mouse most people cheap out.
Continue reading “Blog: Mechanical Keyboards”